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"Conquer your enemy in the past to gain victory in the future." -Original War.Edit


Original War cover.

(Warning: This wikia contains spoilers!) The topic is the largely unknown, but amazing game: Original War. Original war is a strategy/RPG game developed by Altar Interactive for the PC. The game's marketing campaign failed in North America, so it is less common, if completely non-exsistant there. On the other hand it was very successful in the Czech Republic where the studio comes from. The game still has strong community in  the Czech Republic and Poland. The game takes place 2,000,00 years before 2004. American and Russian forces compete to gain control over a crystal with amazing power generating potential. This crystal is called siberite, or alaskite for the Russians. Who lives, who dies, and who gains control of the precious crystals is decided by you, the player.Edit

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